Paul Bunyan - Testimonials:

In my experience teaching and advising people on how to build large-scale systems, I often stress that there are five key principles important to success: 1) Building in high availability; 2) Designing in scalability; 3) Ensuring security; 4) Using sound development practices; and 5) Constructing a manageable system. Managability is predicated on knowing what your system is doing (instrumentation) and reacting to it (monitoring). Without manageability, the other four don't do you much good.

Diamond Sierra's products are high-quality, enterprise-level solutions that provide a strong foundation for building manageable applications. They provide both instrumentation and monitoring capabilities in a well-integrated package.

- Craig Andera, DevelopMentor Instructor / Senior Software Architecture Consultant

Paul Bunyan is the message logger that we always wanted to build but didn’t have 2 or 3 years to dedicate to the project – Diamond Sierra saved us over $500,000 in development!

- [Senior Development Project Manager, Medical Software Testing Company]

Paul Bunyan has saved us thousands of hours in tracking down software glitches and has saved our rears numerous times. It has eliminated the finger pointing that typically comes when connecting numerous companies' applications.

- [Senior Web Developer, Online Financial Services Company]

Outstanding tool - can’t imagine how you could have made it more powerful or easier to use! You’ve created an industry standard!

- Tom McMahon, Director of Software Development, Eue, Rachie, and Associates

Paul Bunyan is used by our developers, analysts, QA, and tech support to identify and resolve application issues. You honestly wouldn’t believe how much time and money it saved us. Our gratitude is yours!

- Brad Luther, Project Manager, Incline Technologies

Paul Bunyan saves us hundreds of hours in support time and dramatically improves our ability to better support our customers.

- [Development Manager, Remote Medical Software Systems Company]

Paul Bunyan has proven invaluable for quickly identifying and resolving real-time production-critical issues.

- Donovan Walsh, Management Consultant, [Online Commercial Lending Company]

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