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“To ensure the success of customers whose enterprises depend on their ability to efficiently, and reliably, develop and deploy quality software by providing trusted industry leading software development tools that enable software components, applications, and systems to log and process diagnostic and status information.”

- Diamond Sierra mission statement

Diamond Sierra’s products enhance and simplify a user's entire full-cycle software development and deployment process, making it easier to build and ship software quickly, with the expected functionality, and maximum quality.

Diamond Sierra is a subsidiary of iT Business Consulting, Inc. and is located in Apollo Beach, FL, a small waterfront community outside of Tampa.

Company History

Diamond Sierra was founded by Teo Leonard and other top industry software developers and computer scientists who, with their many years of professional software development experience, recognized the urgent need for a general broad based industry standard logging system.

They knew that, all too often, good developers need to create “one shot” message loggers that fulfill a specific purpose for validating, checking, or debugging the current applications under development. Once the applications are developed and deployed, these “one shot” loggers are subsequently discarded after serving their purpose or left embedded within the specific application software. When developers move on to develop the next applications project yet another unique “one shot” logging system needs to be developed either from scratch or at best, from a salvaged message logger from a prior project. In most instances salvaged loggers have to be highly modified to be re-used for the new application.

Because there are no industry standard conventions, guidelines, or methodologies for developing general message loggers, virtually every custom “one shot” message logger is as unique as its creator. Re-usability, standardization, and general broad-based usage were, and continue to be, costly after-thoughts. Message loggers are extremely valuable development tools particularly when utilized under such state-of-the-art software development methodologies such as “extreme programming.” However, many developers continue to “re-invent the wheel", thereby decreasing their productivity, delaying applications deployment, and more likely than not, continuing the pervasive trend of running over-budget.

While the majority of modern MS Windows and MS NT application development platforms come loaded with very advanced and comprehensive debugging tools, no one until now, has addressed the need for a broad based, universal, and standardized general messaging logging system that could not only serve as a powerful tool in its own right in any application development environment but also serve as a powerful status monitoring and event handling tool as well, usable even after application deployment!

Diamond Sierra’s founders foreseeing that need spent thousands of research and development man-hours to create and now market a powerful proprietary set of bullet proof tools along with a standardized methodology destined to become a worldwide de-facto industry standard.

With the introduction of the company’s core message logging product – Paul BunyanŽ, developers can now finally enable software components, applications, and systems to log and process diagnostic and status information in a universal and standardized form. Information is logged to a central repository and then may then be used for debugging, testing, statistical and performance analysis, technical support, audit tracking, automated maintenance error handling and more. As a result, developers can now use Diamond Sierra’s tools to enhance, and simplify their entire full-cycle development and deployment process without having to waste valuable development time re-inventing wheels over and over again. For the project manager and the IT executive, that translates to shorter development time, significantly less cost, greater productivity, easier development, improved functionality, faster time-to-market, higher quality, and enhanced competitiveness for the enterprise.

Those benefits are the core of Diamond Sierra’s motto:

Enhancing the Quality of Information Technology Worldwide

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