Notifications and Errors

ULONG PBGetFailCount ()

Return value

Returns the number of errors since the process was created or since the last call.


This function is used for diagnosing problems using Paul Bunyan. PBGetFailCount allows a process that has successfully initialized to retrieve information about unusual conditions it may encounter. Under normal conditions this function should return zero, but if there are any problems it returns the number of errors since the last call and then resets the value to zero. Errors fall into three general categories: memory allocation failures, access violations, and semaphore failures. The message server will be notified and generate an internal log message whenever any of these conditions occur, but these internal messages apply to the entire machine and will not carry information about the processes involved. This function simply provides the ability to investigate logging problems on a per process per module basis.

Note that this function requires no synchronization and so can be called after PBUninitialize.