The PBLogger Object


lgr.Log MessageType, Message

MessageType is a string indicating the message type of the log message being created. Only the first character is evaluated and the string is case-insensitive. I.e. “V”, “VER”, “verbose”, and “Verisimilitude” all result in a VERBOSE message. If the message type is USER then the type specifier must be followed by a number which may be given in decimal or hex. Hex is indicated by prefixing the number with ‘0x’. The number will be treated as a 16 bit quantity and shifted 16 bits to the left to create the final message type field of the log message. A number equal to 0 or larger than 64K will be treated as invalid. E.g. “USER123” or “U0xABCD”.

Message is the message text string.


lgr.Log “V”, “This is a verbose message…”


The Log method is used to create a log message as per any previously set PBLogger properties.