The COM Interface Ė PBLogger

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The PBLogger object is somewhat similar to the corresponding C++ APIís CPBLogger class but has the component, context, and logger functionality rolled into a single interface. It was felt that there was less need for the fine control over facilities like thread and module level defaults or component and context level prefiltering so these were traded for a more compact object representation. The properties and methods are listed below.


MessageKey Property - Sets the message key used for security.

Component Property - Sets the component string.

Context Property - Sets the context string.

Exclude Property - Sets flags for selectively prefiltering / disabling specific types of log messages in code.

Enable Property - Enables or disables logging calls made from the object.

Module Property - Sets the module string.

File Property - Sets the filename string.

NoReturnCodes Property - Enables or disables diagnostic return codes across COM calls.

Log Method Creates a log message.