API Overview

Getting Started Logging, Samples

Paul Bunyan’s log message creation interfaces comprise a C/C++ API, a command line executable, an in-process COM server, and other API extension components not formally included as part of the product but freely downloadable from the web site. Messages can be logged from:

1) Command lines, batch (.bat) files, shell scripts, and makefiles.

2) Numerous programming languages such as Assembly, C/C++, PASCAL, Visual Basic, VB Script, and ASP (Active Server Pages).

3) Products that support automation and/or macro languages such as Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, and Word), InstallShield, and Delphi.

4) Products for which native API extension components for Paul Bunyan have been written such as SQL Server, Sybase, and InstallShield.

General API information

Initialization and Shutdown


Error Handling and Notification


The C/C++ API

The COM Interface

The Command Line Interface

API Extension modules

API Extension modules are freely downloadable from the web site and come with complete usage instructions and sample code. Extensions as of this release include SQL Server, Sybase, InstallShield, and more. Go to the API Extensions page for more information or for download.