The Lite, Professional, and Enterprise Editions

Paul Bunyan is sold in three editions, which are described below.

Lite Edition

The Lite edition is a fully functional real-time debugging tool at an affordable price. It supports the entire set of features with the exception of those specific to the Professional and Enterprise editions described below. The Lite edition is targeted to people who may only need synchronous real-time monitoring of log messages such as developers working on standalone local projects or support personnel who simply connect up to check the current status of a production server from time to time.

Professional Edition

The Professional edition supports all of the functionality of the Lite edition and adds the ability for the viewer to save log messages to disk and for the message server to cache messages across reboots. These features are targeted to people who work more with persistent log messages such as developers working with remote or distributed systems or QA personnel who perform regression testing.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition in turn supports all of the features present in the Professional edition and further adds support for forwarding log messages between message servers and for routing log messages to custom coded message handlers over D/COM. It is targeted at installations that need to route log messages between servers to handle connectivity issues and at production systems that need to programmatically process log messages for event handling and/or notification. Message handlers operating in such environments are typically used for restarting services, cleaning up system resources, paging or emailing support personnel, raising events in other event handling systems such as Tivoli®, NetIQ®, RoboMon®, BMC Patrol®, Opalis Robot® and Diamond Sierra’s own Ox® and Falcon®, and similar tasks.