Paul Bunyan is installed by running a self extracting executable called the installer, e.g. PB2-2-0.exe. (The three numbers separated by hyphens are the major version, minor version, and release.) It is important to retain this file after installation since it contains the component files and may be needed for maintenance, repair, or upgrade.

A maintenance program called the setup application is also installed during the installation process. It is used for subsequent maintenance operations such as adding or removing components, changing system parameters, and licensing. It is accessible through the Paul Bunyan program group on the Start Menu as well as through the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel. It is recommended that you use the setup application to perform installation maintenance rather than re-running the installer.

Note that upgrades will be distributed as a full, new self extracting installer (e.g. PB2-3-0.exe). When run, the upgrade will instruct the old version of the setup application to remove itself and then install its own files. Once an upgrade has been completed successfully, the earlier distribution file (e.g. PB2-2-0.exe) may be discarded.