The Find Dialog

Log message


The Find dialog is used to search for text in displayed text fields of the active query. A combo box is provided to enter search text. Recent strings entered since starting the viewer are saved and can be recovered by dropping down the list portion of the combo box. The selected string is retained after the dialog closes. Pressing F3 will search the active query for the next occurrence of the most recent search string subject to the most recent options; shift+F3 will search for the previous occurrence (search up) for the most recent search string.

The dialog is invoked with the Edit | Find menu command.

Dialog elements


Three groups of options are presented to qualify the search:

Options‘Whole field only’ means a match occurs only if the entered text matches the entire text of one of the selected fields. ‘Match case’ means the search will be case-sensitive.

DirectionThe search always begins at the focused item, but can proceed either up or down from there. The search will always wrap if the top or bottom of the list is reached. This option only applies to the ‘Find Next’ button. F3 or shift+F3 specifies a direction, and direction is irrelevant to ‘Bookmark All,’ ‘Mark All.’

Fields to SearchA search can be performed on any or all of the text fields of a log message that are currently displayed. If a field is hidden, the corresponding check box will be disabled. The search will only attempt to match the displayed text. If user preferences are set such that file names are not displayed as full paths, the path portion will not be searched. If multiple fields are selected, a match on any selected field will be considered a match for the message. If a field is displayed and selected for searching, the Find Dialog is closed, and the field later hidden, the field will no longer be searched when F3 or shift+F3 are used.


Four pushbuttons are provided. Each will close the dialog, with the following additional effects:

Find Next - Moves focus to the next matching message in the list.

Bookmark All - Places a bookmark on all messages in the active query that match the search criteria.

Mark All - Places a mark on all messages in the active query that match the search criteria.

Close - Closes the dialog without performing a search.