The Filter Dialog Text Fields Page



An edit box is presented for each string field in a log message. If a field is left blank, no comparison is done on that field. If a field is non-blank, a log message matches the selector only if the corresponding field in the log message matches the string, subject to the case and sub-string options. When strings are entered for more than one field, the log message must match all strings to match the selector.

Note that the string matching options (listed below) apply to the entire selector.

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Match whole fieldMatch whole field of log message vs. any sub-string anywhere in the field.

Match caseComparisons are case sensitive vs. case insensitive.

Use full pathComparisons on the process, module, and filename fields apply to the full path name vs. the base filename (regardless of the string displayed) e.g. W:\Bin\MyProcess.exe vs. MyProcess.exe.