The User Preferences Dialog


The User Preferences dialog is used to configure general user options that span workspaces.

The dialog is invoked with the View | Options menu command.

Dialog elements

Show full paths

This option affects whether the full path or just the file name (“W:\Bin\MyProgram.exe” vs. “MyProgram.exe”) is displayed for the Process, Module, and File fields of all queries. Displaying the full path can consume large quantities of valuable horizontal space. The full path for these fields is always visible in the Message Properties dialog.

Load last workspace at startup

Enabling this option causes the viewer to attempt at startup to open the workspace that was in use the last time the application was closed.

Re-establish connections at workspace load

With this option enabled, the state of each connection is stored when a workspace is saved. If a connection is active when the workspace is closed, an attempt is made to re-establish the connection when the same workspace is re-opened. (Connections must be closed before a workspace can be closed.) Combining this option with ‘Load last workspace at startup’ causes connections to be established when the application is started with no user intervention. Note that this option means that a change to the state of a connection is a change to the workspace, and so may result in an increased number of prompts to save changes.

Unattended mode

Unattended mode is designed so that the viewer can be run for long periods of time without user intervention. Enabling this option suppresses all message box prompts that are not generated by user actions. Examples include a connection being lost unexpectedly and a machine re-boot. Note that this option does not suppress any prompts that are responses to user actions and cannot be used just to avoid annoying message boxes.

Use hex for user messages

The viewer displays the message type field for user messages as U<nnn> where nnn is the numeric value of the message type. The value for <nnn> may be displayed in hex or in decimal.

Show icons

This option governs display of message type icons in all queries. By default an image is displayed to the left of each row indicating the same information as the ‘Type’ field. Display of these icons can only be toggled globally, and the change will not have immediate effect. Icons are selectively displayed or not for a query depending on the value of this option when a query is opened.

Show grid lines

Toggles the display of grid lines in query windows. For a given query, grid lines are displayed depending on the value of this option when the window is opened. Changing this option will only affect queries opened after the change.