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Topics What's a Log Message? Components and Contexts Filters Security The IPC Buffer Message Handlers Forwarding Log Messages Error Handling and Notification
The Viewer Overview Menus Status Bar Dialogs Configurations Dialog Connections Dialog Filter Dialog Find Dialog Goto Dialog Import Dialog Message Keys Dialog Message Properties Dialog Queries Dialog Query Display Settings Dialog Query Name Dialog Retry Schedule Dialog User Preferences Dialog
The Message Server Overview Message Server Control Configuration Overview Configuring Memory Usage Configuring Message Handlers Configuring Message Forwarding Configuring Retry Schedules
The API Overview The Command Line Interface The COM Interface Overview Objects PBLogger PBScopeLogger The C and C++ Interface Overview Logging a Message Working With Components and Contexts Initialization, Diagnostics, and Miscellaneous Preprocessor Macros Preprocessor Macros PB_DEBUG_LEVEL Filename String Pooling (PB_THIS_FILE) Location Macros (PB_LOC_***) Location / Message Type Macros (PB_VERBOSE, PB_INFO, ...) PB_DEFAULT_EXCLUDE ENSURE and VALIDATE Functions PBInitialize PBUninitialize PBGetLibVersion PBGetFailCount PBSetUnhandledExceptionFilter PBSetComponent PBSetContext PBSetDefaultComponent PBSetDefaultContext PBLog Classes CPBComponent CPBContext CPBLogger CPBScopeLogger
Appendices End-User License Agreement (EULA) Copyright Notice Redistribution Connectivity Licensing The Lite, Professional, and Enterprise Editions Creating and Installing Message Handlers Automating Installation Configuration Settings Troubleshooting System Modifications Glossary Notifications and Errors Notifications and Errors Overview Event Log Notifications Paul Bunyan Notification Messages Viewer Notifications Socket Error Codes


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