Paul Bunyan Licensing:

Standard Licensing
Paul Bunyan is a client/server application consisting of three installable components – the client (Viewer), the server (Message Server), and the Application Programmer Interface (API). It is licensed on a per machine basis regardless of which component or components are installed or which edition is purchased.

Paul Bunyan Feature Overview Chart

Paul Bunyan Connectivity Chart

API Installation and Redistribution
No purchase is required to install and/or redistribute the Paul Bunyan API files by themselves. Applications are frequently compiled for release on designated build machines for purposes of build integrity. Diamond Sierra acknowledges and endorses this action.

Custom License Agreements
Diamond Sierra recognizes that customers have unique licensing needs and does offer custom license agreements upon request. Please contact our sales department to discuss any such requirements your firm may have.

Paul Bunyan Upgrades

Diamond Sierra provides minor release upgrades for all product lines free of charge. For example, customers who have purchased Paul Bunyan 2.0 can upgrade to any subsequent version 2.x at no charge and may do so at any time by simply downloading and installing the latest version 2.x from the web site.

Major version upgrades are priced at significant discount off of the retail price of the new product version but are supplied free of charge to all customers who have purchased Diamond Sierra’s support and maintenance plan or who have purchased the previous version within 90 days of the new version release date.

Redistribution Policy

Note: the following discussion applies to all contexts of "redistribution" including but not limited to:
  • third party vendors who sell and ship commercial off-the-shelf software,
  • outsource technology providers who build, install, and maintain software applications for clients,
  • corporate software development divisions that build and distribute software for intra-corporate use
  • and, IT departments that monitor and maintain multi-computer internal infrastructure (e.g. a single web server farm).

Paul Bunyan was designed to allow Diamond Sierra's customers to distribute their products fully logging-enabled with no royalties or per use redistribution costs. It was also designed to allow for such with minimal to no impact on existing build and shipping procedures.

Diamond Sierra's customers and/or their end-users may at any time, free of charge, install Paul Bunyan in what is referred to as basic mode. This may be done before, during, or after the installation of the customer's logging-enabled application. All methods have the same net effect - that of simply installing Paul Bunyan in trial mode and letting the trial period expire.

It is not required for Paul Bunyan to be shipped and/or installed with logging-enabled applications in order for them to load and run. All Paul Bunyan APIs internally test for the presence of Paul Bunyan at initialization and immediately self-disable if not found. When Paul Bunyan is installed on the target machine, log messages may be retrieved under either of two scenarios:

The installed copy of Paul Bunyan is purchased
When running in purchased mode, the message server will allow download requests from any and all viewers (and message servers - see Message Forwarding) regardless of whether the requestor is local or remote, free trial mode or purchased, Lite, Professional, or Enterprise Edition.

The installed copy of Paul Bunyan is non-purchased
When running in basic mode, the message server operates as a fully functional Professional Edition with the exception that it will only accept download requests from viewers and message servers that are Connectivity Enabled or from the local basic mode viewer.

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