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The State of the Art in Diagnostic and Real-time Monitoring Tools!

The Paul Bunyan Log Management Suite (PBLMS) is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for analyzing and maintaining your critical e-business applications. It consolidates information across multiple sources at multiple locations, providing easy single point access commonly used for:
PBLMS is comprised of three products:

Paul Bunyan®    (Click here to download Free Basic Edition and 21 day trial!)

Paul Bunyan is a powerful message logging tool that is widely used in the diagnosis, testing, and analysis of software applications. Its open architecture also provides a robust data gathering infrastructure for automated monitoring and handling of software status and/or error events. It is used in the full software application life cycle - prototype, development, debugging, testing, tuning, deployment, support, and maintenance.

This client/server based system is comprised of three components: a front-end console, a message server, and a message logging API.  The API allows applications to create information rich log messages and convey them to the message server.  The message server receives and stores log messages, forwards them to other servers, routes them to message handlers, and downloads them to client consoles.  The console is used to download log messages from message server(s) for viewing.  Virtually all languages and environments are supported: C/C++, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Sybase, InstallShield, and others.  Secure message forwarding and download are supported over any TCP/IP network - including the Internet.


Ox™    (Click here to download free 21 day trial!)

Ox is an event handler that carries out a wide variety of tasks based on log message triggers.  Execution of commands, programs, batch (.bat) files; execution of SQL statements; and creation of NT Event Log entries.  Used for archiving log messages, storing trend data, creating/updating/purging transaction records, storing regression test data, implementing workflow processing, automating service restart/recovery, integration with existing enterprise event handling systems, implementing event notification/alerting, automating dynamic scaling, and more.

Falcon™    (Click here to download free 21 day trial!)

Falcon is an event monitor that tracks and logs elapsed time between log messages and incremental/decremental counts of log messages.  It also intercepts text file based logging for redirection to Paul Bunyan and intercepts TCP/IP socket conversations for diagnostic analysis.  It is used for real-time monitoring, alerting, and trending based on performance/heartbeat timing, queue lengths and concurrency counts, system resource levels, event frequencies, and more.

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