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A Logger of Legendary Proportion!

Paul Bunyan is a powerful centralized message logging system that easily consolidates application status and data across ...

within multiple
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and all can be conveniently viewed in a single



Paul Bunyan brings immense value to your enterprise by:

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  • check-mark-orange (1K)Dramatically reducing time to market
  • check-mark-orange (1K)Trimming man-years from development budgets
  • check-mark-orange (1K)Ensuring availability of business-critical applications
  • check-mark-orange (1K)Supertuning production system performance
  • check-mark-orange (1K)Empowering remote diagnostic and support capabilities
  • check-mark-orange (1K)Optimizing the efficiency of costly IT staff.
  • check-mark-orange (1K)And more!

Paul Bunyan’s multi-source, multi-location data gathering technology creates a seamless, single access point, interface to business applications’ status, database activities, operating system events, server statistics, enterprise event handler operations, and more. It even consolidates distributed sources of information securely over the Internet!

Lite Edition - Great for small projects!

The Lite Edition is a powerful and full-featured debugging and analysis tool that is affordably priced. It supports multiple programming languages, rich contextual information, flexible display capabilities, robust filtering, configurable resource usage, virtually zero performance impact, secure message handling, and multi-connection message download capability across any TCP/IP link including the Internet.

Professional Edition - Perfect for distributed systems!

The Professional Edition supports all Lite Edition features and adds functionality enabling the viewer to persist log messages to disk for historical analysis, and allows the message server to cache log messages across reboots for intermittent retrieval. It targets users who work more with persistent log messages (e.g., developers working with remote or distributed systems, QA personnel performing regression testing). The Professional Edition is perfect for use in production environments where a history of messages or transactions is needed.

Enterprise Edition - Designed for automated event handling!

The Enterprise Edition supports all features present in the Professional Edition and adds further functionality in forwarding log messages between message servers and routing log messages to custom-coded message handlers over D/COM. It is targeted at production systems with message routing requirements (e.g., network access or configuration management concerns) and those with requirements for programmatically processing log messages for event handling or notification. Message handlers operating in such environments may be used for restarting services, cleaning up system resources, paging or emailing support personnel, or raising events in other enterprise event handling systems such as Tivoli®, NetIQ®, RoboMon®, or Opalis®.

Standard Licensing

Paul Bunyan is a client/server application consisting of three installable components – the client (Viewer), the server (Message Server), and the Application Programmer Interface (API). It is licensed on a per machine basis regardless of which component or components are installed or which edition is purchased.

API Installation and Redistribution

No purchase is required to install and/or redistribute the Paul Bunyan API files by themselves. Applications are frequently compiled for release on designated build machines for purposes of build integrity. Diamond Sierra acknowledges and endorses this action.

Custom License Agreements

Diamond Sierra recognizes that customers have unique licensing needs and does offer custom license agreements upon request. Please contact our sales department to discuss any such requirements your firm may have.

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