:: Paul Bunyan Pricing and Ordering Info ::

Paul Bunyan v2.3.2:

  Regular License Upgrade License

Lite Edition

Professional Edition $285  
Enterprise Edition $495 




Professional Edition CE (Connectivity Enabled)



Enterprise Edition CE (Connectivity Enabled)



Ox and Falcon:


Regular License


FREE - With Enterprise


FREE - With Enterprise


All Paul Bunyan Editions include the viewer, API, and message server and are licensed on a per-machine basis whether the viewer, message server, or both are installed. No purchase is required to install or redistribute the API by itself - e.g. on a designated “build machine”.

Ox and Falcon are licensed on a per-client basis.  See Ox and Falcon licensing for further information.

Diamond Sierra recognizes that customers have unique licensing needs and does offer custom license agreements up
on request. Please contact our sales department to discuss any such requirements your firm may have.

Diamond Sierra does offer pricing discounts for customers purchasing in quantity.  Please contact our sales department to discuss volume purchase.

Ox and Falcon are both multi-component products and are sold standard with all components.  If your firm has special licensing and/or budgetary requirements our sales department will welcome the opportunity to discuss purchase on a per-component basis.

Order Information

Diamond Sierra products may be conveniently purchased using Visa, MasterCard,  or American Express by emailing

Upon successful completion of the purchase, you will be emailed license keys within 24 hours and may use the product(s) in trial mode during the interim; all Diamond Sierra products operate as fully functional trial versions for an initial free trial period. If you have not already downloaded the product(s) purchased, you may do so at any time, before or after purchase.

Contact Information

Please contact our sales department if you have any questions regarding the purchase process or questions regarding discount pricing for volume purchases.

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