The PBLogger Object


lgr.Exclude = string

String consists of a set of characters indicating which message types are to be prefiltered out of the logging output. Message types to be excluded are indicated by using the first char of the type name. Any number of message types may be set for exclusion and the new set replaces in entirety any previously existing set. Characters in string may be upper or lower case. Usage is as follows:

lgr.Exclude = “V”    ‘Disable logging for all messages of type verbose.

lgr.Exclude = “vir”    ‘Disable verbose, information, and regression test messages.

lgr.Exclude = “”    ‘Reset exclusion flags so that no message types are disabled.


Message type exclusion is typically used to tone down output of messages for release versions of software applications or to toggle on or off regression testing messages. For instance, verbose and information messages are sometimes selectively disabled in release builds of code.