Paul Bunyan Overview

What is Paul Bunyan?

Paul Bunyan is a message logging system that allows software applications to create log messages containing status and error information and/or application data. Log messages are displayed to users (screen capture) for diagnostic and analysis work and may also be routed to other software applications for programmatic processing.

In simple terms, Paul Bunyan allows you to create log messages, download them, and then view them. However, Paul Bunyan also provides the functionality to address even your most complex message logging needs.

Overall architecture

Paul Bunyan is a message logging system. In short, it allows a log message generator, be it a DLL, executable, or other module type, to send log messages to a central message server through the use of an IPC buffer. The message server then routes those messages on to connected viewers, custom coded log message handlers, and other message servers and also stores them for future download by viewers that connect up at some later time.

Additional topics

Creating Log Messages The Message Logging Interfaces

Downloading and Displaying Log Messages The Viewer

Routing, Processing, and Storing Log Messages The Message Server