Forwarding Log Messages

Configuring Forwarding, Message Server Overview, Message Server Configuration,

Forwarding messages from one message server to another is supported for two reasons:

1. It allows numerous servers to forward their messages to a single location where the user can download them instead of requiring the user to connect to each and every machine. This is not only convenient but critical in the scenario where those machines reside in say a German chocolate factory and the machines themselves are all internally networked together but only one or two of them can actually be accessed externally via the Internet or modem.

2. It allows messages to be forwarded to a single machine where they can be handed off to message handlers locally and dealt with there. This is most useful where a destination message handler needs to use machine local resources like modems, process control hardware, water pumps, sirens, whatever. Note that while it is of course almost always possible to simply use DCOM to go directly to a message handler on a remote machine, it is almost never as easy or as stable as forwarding the messages to a single server and registering your COM server once locally rather than many times remotely.