The Message Keys Dialog



The message keys dialog is used to add and remove message keys in the workspace. Message keys are uploaded to the message servers at the time of connection so that the servers can determine which messages a viewer has access to and can subsequently download. It should be noted that servers on active connections are not automatically advised of the addition or removal of message keys when the dialog is closed; to the effect that this connection(s) must be bounced (disconnected and reconnected). Note also that connections always save a marker that indicates the last message received so that downloading can pick up where it left off at the next reconnection. Because of this, adding a message key and bouncing a connection will not retroactively retrieve messages from the server. If this is desired then a new connection must be created. Paul Bunyan will provide functionality for resetting connections in future versions.

The dialog is invoked with the File | Message Keys menu command.

Dialog elements

Message key

Text value of the message key. Remember, message keys are case sensitive.


Description field for readability. Not required.

Message keys in workspace

List of all message keys currently in workspace.