MessageKey dialog

There are plenty of scenarios where vendors would not want to be airing dirty laundry in front of clients or other competing vendors. As such we have implemented security throughout the entire system. Log messages are encrypted immediately upon creation (when they are written to the IPC buffer to be transferred to the message server) and stay encrypted for the rest of their lives whether on disk or wire.

Log messages can also be locked up programmatically with message keys and subsequently only downloaded and viewed by users providing that message key. Each log message is created under the umbrella of a component whether implicitly or explicitly and each component has an message key associated with it, even if itís a blank one. Log messages with blank message key (such as the ones generated internally by Paul Bunyan) are Ďunlockedí and can be downloaded and viewed by anyone or passed to any message handler. For log messages that are locked, however, the appropriate message key(s) must be provided by any connecting viewers wishing to see them and must be specified in the configuration for any message handlers that are intended to receive them. Workspaces contain a list of message key which are sent along every time a connection is established and will only receive messages for which they have the proper message key.