The Queries Dialog


The Queries dialog manages the queries in the workspace. All queries in the workspace are presented in a list box. A check to the left of a query indicates that the query is currently open. The dialog provides only a little functionality above what is available elsewhere. If there are more queries in the workspace than will fit on the MRU list, this dialog provides the only way to open them. It also provides the ability to rename or delete queries that have already been saved. The rest of the buttons duplicate functionality found on the menus.

It is important to note that queries that have never been modified will not be saved, even if the workspace is saved. Creating a new query can always reproduce the removed query. This may have unexpected side effects in this dialog. If a never-modified query is closed by clearing its checkbox, the query will disappear from the workspace and so from the list box.

In a similar fashion, queries that have been modified but never saved will cause a prompt for a name. This prompt may occur when the workspace is saved or when the query is closed. Thus if a modified-but-never-saved query is closed by clearing its checkbox, the Query Name Dialog will be presented, allowing a chance to enter a name other than the default.