The Query Name Dialog


The Query Name dialog is presented when a workspace is being saved or a query is being closed and the query has been modified but not yet named. It simply provides a way to enter a name to identify the query in the future. A query that has not been modified will not be saved. A query that has been named will no longer cause a prompt. Queries can be renamed later from the Queries dialog.

Note that it is possible to see this dialog more than once during a single save operation if multiple queries must be named. If ‘Cancel’ is chosen for a given query, the result of any earlier incarnations of the dialog (assigning a name or deleting a query) will not be undone.

If the query in question contains messages that have been marked as deleted and the query is being closed (whether or not the workspace is being closed), the Query Name Dialog will include a check box to determine the disposition of the deleted messages in the query. Checking the box and clicking ‘Yes’ will cause the deleted messages to be restored to the workspace. Un-checking the box or choosing the ‘No’ button will do nothing to the deleted messages. The messages will be lost unless they are restored from another query. The disposition of deleted items in a query does not need to be determined until the query is being closed.

Dialog elements

The Query Name Dialog presents three options for the disposition of the query, depending on the answer to the question, “Do you wish to save this query?”


The name entered will be assigned to the query and the query will become a part of the workspace.


The query will be closed immediately and all options discarded.


The save or close operation in progress will be cancelled. No changes will be made to the query.