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:: Diamond Sierra Message Logger Suite ::

Paul Bunyan:Paul Bunyan - Legendary Message Logger

Not sure what a message logger is?
In short, Paul Bunyan logs status and error data from within your application. This information can tell you that a certain function is taking too long to run or it can point out the existence of (and frequently the cause of) runtime errors - usually before customers even see them! Once you use it for debugging, you'll never want to use the "immediate window" or "watch window" again!

Best of all - the Basic Edition is free!

Quick and easy to use in any application!
Paul Bunyan supports virtually all languages, environments, and application types and is easily integrated into your projects in less than 10 minutes! Putting out fires and pressed for time? Call our support staff and they'll get you up and running immediately!

Simplify life and start enjoying Saturdays off! Do yourself a favor and check out Paul Bunyan - the best damn logger of all time!

Ox and Falcon:Paul Bunyan - Legendary Message Logger

What else can Paul Bunyan do for me?
Plenty! How about real-time performance monitoring, event handling, alert notification, historical trend archiving, and more! Paul Bunyan's companion products, Ox and Falcon, provide the event handling and event monitoring capabilities to get your enterprise running smoothly 24x7 and keep it there!

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