Paul Bunyan Feature Comparison:

Paul Bunyan offers a variety of editions depending on what your requirements are:

Feature Supported Free
Real time message logging and debugging
Virtually zero performance impact
Multiple programming languages
Rich message contextual info
Configurable resource usage
Remove nag screens  
Allow connection from remote viewer workstations  
Historical logging with message persistance    
Advanced message filtering and sorting    
Message server caching    
Connect to remote message servers    
Connect to multiple remote messages servers at the same time in the same workspace     no no
Route log messages to messages handlers        
Forward messages to other Paul Bunyan servers        
Consolidate log messages from multiple servers to a single server        
Error message notification via email or pager         via Ox via Ox
Execute programs and commands based on filtered message criteria         via Ox via Ox
Execute SQL statements         via Ox via Ox
Generate email notifications         via Ox via Ox
Track elapsed time between log messages         via Falcon via Falcon
Incremental / decremental counting of log messages         via Falcon via Falcon
Disk file usages and activity logging         via Falcon via Falcon
TCP/IP client server conversation logging         via Falcon via Falcon

*Ox and Falcon are free companion products to the Enterprise Edition

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