Ox and Falcon Licensing:

Standard Licensing
Ox and Falcon both process log messages - data which originates on source machines referred to as clients. Log messages are generated on one or more client computers and routed to one or more instances of Ox and/or Falcon, servers, for evaluation and processing. Ox and Falcon are separate products and are licensed independently and on a per client basis independent of connectivity model and/or message routing configration.

Users may install an unlimited number of instances of Ox and/or Falcon provided they purchase a license for each client. For example, a single instance of Ox may be used to process log messages for multiple clients or, conversely, multiple instances of Ox may be used to redundantly process log messages for a single client.

Per-component Licensing
Ox and Falcon are both multi-component products and are sold standard with all components. If your firm has special licensing and/or budgetary requirements our sales department will welcome the opportunity to discuss purchase on a per-component basis.

Custom License Agreements
Diamond Sierra recognizes that customers have unique licensing needs and does offer custom license agreements upon request. Please contact our sales department to discuss any such requirements your firm may have.


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