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Connectivity Enabled Log Message
Download Request Maintenance Setup Application
Free Trial Period Message Forwarding
Installer Message Handler
License Key Operational Modes

Paul Bunyan Log Management System (PBLMS)
Paul Bunyan Log Management System, PBLMS, is the name of Diamond Sierra's message logging product suite comprising Paul Bunyan, Ox, and Falcon.

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Log Message
A log message is essentially a text message accompanied by contextual information (message type, timestamp (local, source, GMT), component, context, machine name, process name, module name, file name, line number, process id, and thread id). Log messages are created by the API, collected and distributed by the message server, and displayed by the viewer.

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Operational Modes (Trial, Basic, Purchased)
When Paul Bunyan is initially installed it runs in trial mode as a fully functional (essentially purchased) Enterprise Edition for a free trial period. If at the end of the trial period the product has not been purchased, and subsequently unlocked with the license key provided at the time of purchase, it will change operating modes from trial to basic/FREE. If a license key is obtained and applied (whether during or after the trial period) the product will run in purchased mode as per whatever feature set edition was purchased and indicated by the license key.

When running in basic mode, the viewer operates with a reduced feature set and the message server will operate locally to provide messages in real time to the viewer.  The difference between basic mode and the Lite edition is that nag screens that the basic mode displays AND the Lite edition can accept download requests from viewers and message servers (see Message Forwarding) that are connectivity enabled

By contrast, when running in purchased mode the viewer and message server are fully enabled and the message server will accept download requests from any and all viewers and/or message servers - local or remote; free trial mode, basic, or purchased; Lite, Professional, or Enterprise Edition; connectivity enabled or not.

To see a summary of features - click here

To see a summary of connectivity options - click here

Note: companion products Ox and Falcon are currently FREE - Because they are essential off the shelf message handlers - they do require either an Enterprise or Enterprise Connectvity Enabled edition to be used.

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Connectivity Enabled (See also Redistribution)
Paul Bunyan (specifically, the message server) operates in one of two modes: purchased and basic. When operating in purchased mode a connected viewer or message server (see Message Forwarding) issuing a download request need not be Connectivity Enabled. When in basic mode, however, the message server will only accept download requests from Connectivity Enabled viewers and message servers or from the local basic mode viewer.

Each of the Paul Bunyan Editions (Professional, and Enterprise) may be purchased with the Connectivity Enabled extension - thus creating five choices; Lite, Professional and Professional CE, Enterprise and Enterprise CE.

As with functionality differences between the Lite, Professional, and Enterprise Editions, functionality pertaining to Connectivity Enabling is enabled by encoding in the license key issued at the time of purchase.

You can see a summary chart showing the connectivity options here

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License Key
The license key is a 16 digit key (e.g. "1234-ABCD-1234-ABCD") that is issued at the time of purchase. It is identically analogous to standard 'Product Keys' or 'CD Keys' found in many common software products and is provided to the Paul Bunyan installer during installation (or to the maintenance setup application subsequent to the time of installation) to change the operational mode to 'purchased'.

As all of the Paul Bunyan Editions (including the Connectivity Enabled versions) as well as the trial mode and basic mode functionality are encapsulated in a single installer, the license keys themselves are encoded to enable the specific functionality of feature sets purchased.

In accordance with Diamond Sierra's upgrade policy, a given license key will unlock all minor versions of the major version for which it was issued.

The above applies to Ox and Falcon as well.

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Message Handler
Paul Bunyan defines and exports a COM interface that allows the message server to pass log messages to other components/applications (COM servers) so that they may be processed by custom code. COM servers implementing this interface are known as message handlers.   Message handler functionality is included in the Enterprise Editions.  Ox and Falcon are message handlers and are a free add-on to the Enterprise Editions.

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Message Forwarding
Log messages can be forwarded from one message server to another. This allows them to be routed from strictly internally accessible machines where they are generated to externally accessible machines where they can be downloaded. It also allows log messages to be routed to machines where they can be processed with local message handlers.

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Download Request
A download request is a command issued to a message server by a connected viewer or message server (see Message Forwarding) indicating that the issuer wishes to receive all log messages received subsequent to the previous download request. (This is identically analogous to the standard email client's request for all email messages received since last download.) The distinction is made between a download request in specific and a connection in general because there are numerous commands that may be issued by connecting entities.

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Free Trial Period
Diamond Sierra products may be downloaded from the web site and installed at any time for a free 21 day trial period as fully functional versions. Paul Bunyan will run in trial mode as a fully operational Enterprise Edition. Subsequent installation of newer product versions will reset the trial period.


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The Paul Bunyan Installer (PBnn-nn-nn.exe) is the self-extracting executable used to install Paul Bunyan. It is available for download from the web site at any time and is the one and only installation program, regardless of operating system, feature set edition, or operational mode (trial, basic, or purchased).

Similarly, the Ox and Falcon Installer (OFnn-nn-nn.exe) is the self-extracting executable used to install Ox and Falcon. It is available for download from the web site at any time and is the one and only installation program, regardless of trial mode vs. purchase installation.

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Maintenance Setup Application
The maintenance setup application (installed with Paul Bunyan) is used to:

  • Add/Remove or configure Paul Bunyan components
  • Apply the license key issued at the time of purchase
  • Repeat the last installation to restore missing or corrupted files
  • Uninstall Paul Bunyan

It is available from the Paul Bunyan program group via the Start menu.

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