Getting Started Creating Log Messages Using the API

API Overview, Samples

Native API

Log messages may be generated programatically by using Paul Bunyan’s various interfaces. Paul Bunyan supports a C/C++ API as well as a COM interface and command line logging utility. The COM interface supports logging from Visual Basic, ASP code, Delphi, InstallShield, and virtually any other language or environment. The command line interface supports logging from the command line, batch (.bat) files, shell scripts, makefiles, and similar environments.

API Extensions

Paul Bunyan supports numerous specific environments through API Extensions. API Extension modules are freely downloadable from the web site and come with complete usage documentation and sample code. Current extensions as of this release include SQL Server, Sybase, InstallShield, and a standard DLL interface callable from many other environments or as an alternative to the native COM interface.

See the topics below for usage information and sample code for the various logging interfaces:

How do I log messages from the command line and batch (.bat) files?

How do I log messages from C?

How do I log messages from C++?

How do I log messages from Visual Basic (using the COM interface)?

How do I log messages from InstallShield scripts?

How do I log messages from SQL Server stored procedures?

How do I log messages from Sybase stored procedures?