The Retry Schedule Dialog

Message Server Configuration, Configuring Retry Schedules, Configuring Message Handlers, Configuring Message Forwarding


Retry schedules can be applied to message handlers and forwarders configured for a message server. The Retry Schedule dialog can be invoked from either of those dialog pages of the Configurations Dialog.

Dialog elements

Retry Sequences

Displays a list of sequences which make up the schedule. The last entry in the list is special in that the number of attempts can be set to infinite: the message server will continue to attempt the connection at the specified interval until it is shut down.

Current Sequence

The lower group displays information about the sequence selected in the list. Each sequence consists of a number of attempts, an interval between attempts, and a logging option. Internally generated messages for failed connections can be suppressed, since it's generally assumed that machines go down once in a while and it's nothing special. Note that a message will always be logged if a connection cannot be established and the end of the retry schedule is reached.